The hard wearing, low maintenance choice

Protecting your structural roof space is essential if you want to prevent expensive and time-consuming repairs. Fascias conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafter, giving your roof an attractive and unified appearance that will look its best whatever the weather.

Choose from standard flat profiles or a distinctive sculptured 'ogee' style, to complement the style of your home.

As with all of our plastic roofline products, uPVC fascias and fascia boards are available in a range of colours and finishes, including traditional decorative finials.


An attractive, clean-edged roof finish

uPVC soffit boards are available in three styles and are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour match. Our products are designed to protect and enhance every part of your roof and will keep it looking clean and attractive for many years.

Choose standard utility board for a clean, simple look; vented soffit boards for extra loft ventilation or lightweight soffit boards for a cost effective, lightweight solution.

Ventilated soffit boards help prevent the build-up of moisture in the roof space, which can cause timber eaves and joists to rot over a period of time, weakening the roof structure.

Whichever design of soffits you opt for, our extensive colour choice and high-quality materials mean we can create a look that enhances the overall appearance of your home.


Attractive, robust and efficient rainwater shedding

At Dorluxe, our efficient gutters and pipes will protect your property from the harshest elements, leaving your roof beautifully clean. High-impact, high-gloss PVC-U creates a durable, weather proof finish that is guaranteed to perform for ten years. Our systems also ensure that water flows evenly into the drainpipe with no danger of overflowing.

High-quality system to enhance and protect

Not only do our uPVC gutters protect your home, but they will also enhance it. All styles of guttering come with a full range of matching accessories and offer an exact colour-match with other Dorluxe roofline products.

Our gutters are available in a wide selection of colours, including grey and clay brown, so you can choose a look that will perfectly protect and complement your home.